The Island Show Fountain

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Show fountains programmed to light and music

The Island Show Fountain is a state-of-the-art, multi-tiered show fountain featuring a spectacular presentation of water dance and light, all perfectly choreographed to 14 pieces of music. More than 89 nozzles help to create the show’s performance. You’ll even get to see a nozzle located in the center of the fountain that projects water 60 feet into the air. Be sure to watch the show at night to see an array of color added to the presentation.

The show is free for all guests to enjoy.

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When does the show start?

The Island Show Fountain performs approximately every 30 minutes beginning at the top of each hour and on the half hour.

How long is the show?

Each show lasts for the duration of two songs.

Where can I see the show?

Lining the Island Show Fountain are a large number of rocking chairs that guests can sit in to relax while enjoying the show. You can also enjoy the fountain show by sitting in the additional rocking chairs in the breezeway or while eating at certain restaurants such as Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen.